A web site which isn't very good or which cannot be found using the URL.
That's not a website, it's a webshite.
by Steve Potts May 25, 2007
Webshite is derrived from "a website that is shite"... hence webshite

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a mispronounced word originated from a Bond film starring Sean Connery.

webshite can also be used as an alternative word for spam
"This forum is complete webshite"

"What the hell is this webshite that's arrived in my In-box?"
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! October 12, 2004
Somebody who believes that they should receive exactly the same level of service when buying from E-bay as they would from an exclusive specialist retailer, but without the price tag. They manifest themselves by constantly bombarding the poor sod who is selling something with the stupidest and most irellevent questions their tight arse minds can come up with.
" Is your bathroom fan suitable for MY bathroom or just bathrooms in general ?"
" How white are your white goods ?"
"If I wanted it parachuting into a moving speedboat at midnight, would I incur extra carriage costs ?"
"Do I get discount for being a webshite ?"
by Rob. Holton June 07, 2013
Name given to an Internet page that refuses to load properly or at all.
"Blimey. MySpace isn't showing my media player on the page. Guess it's a Web shite today."
by thesunnydevil May 14, 2009
A really shoddy & bad website which covers non-issues.
Websites which cover the life of non-entities like Britney, Lindsay & Paris deserve to be called webshites.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
crap for sale generally on internet auction
web sites .
What a load of fucking web shite that is ! .
by E - FUMBLER September 12, 2008
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