A personal that is addicted to being on the internet. They typically are either on a social network or online game more time during the day than doing anything else.

A web geek can also be considered as someone who uses the internet to do most things, such as, research, buying clothes, food, electronics, cars, houses, and date.

Another example of a web geek is someone who knows everything there is to know about the internet, such as, how it started, it's history, it's protocols, and the best websites to visit.
"He is always on the internet."

"Yeah, I never see him doing anything else."

'He's such a web geek."
by Dregyn August 12, 2011
Top Definition
A webmaster or web programmer of some kind.
1: Why is the website down?
2: I don't know, ask the webgeek.
by bcat June 07, 2006
A certain brand of geek, often with a low intellect. The webgeek uses forums to excess, likes anime, and uses ^^ a lot. There are a lot of female webgeeks.
hehe i wuvs cardkaptor saukara ^^ the character a soooo cute XD <^_^y

by matt June 04, 2003
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