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The utmost example of lame.

The pinnacle of pointlessness.

Weak-sauce is best used as an adjective to decribe how pitifully someone has failed when they were actually trying their very best.
When motivating your children:

"Really son, is that the best you can do? What is that? A TURD!!! You are supposed to be drawing a picture of your family for this homework assignment! Do you hate us? Would you prefer living on the street? That finger painting is so WEAK-SAUCE!!! No, you are weak-sauce!
by Malek Taus January 18, 2008
A word commonly used by stoners in place of "lame" or "stupid."
"Man, pass the reefer."
"We're all out, bro."
by RockyB August 28, 2004
lame, bad, performing poorly, opposite of money. (History). Originally coined by Craig's friend from college, Danny, weak-sauce has become a much needed buzzword in the lame, not cool category, with thanks to Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert who used it on an Monday Night Football broadcast in '02.
The Denver Nuggets scored 68 points in the entire game yesterday, making their offensive output weak-sauce.
by Steve&Craig November 04, 2003
Something considered to be extremely lame, disappointing, or undesirable could be described as "weak sauce." The term originates from a technique used in hockey called a sauce shot. A wobbly sauce shot is refered to as "weak sauce," hence the negative connotation.
Grant: Ha Ha! I just scuffed your shoes.

Cyrus: Weak sauce man.
by Batmanuel December 06, 2007
A phrase used to describe a situation that is really stupid or inconvenient. A way to express ones passionate disapproval of a person/place/thing/situation that in a nut shell, SUCKS
Let's pretend for a moment that your are playing a video game. Modern Warfare, WOW, Sims or what have you. You're doing REALLY well when you usually SUCK. And then, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, your computer freezes causing you to lose ALL progress made leaving you at square one. This my friends is what we call, Weak Sauce!
by Muerte de Mujer February 03, 2010
Term used to describe an individuals inablity to perform or excel in physical activity; namely used when describing individuals in the gym
Guy 1: Man, look at that guy over there squatting

Guy 2: Oh you mean, Chad Jackson?

Guy 1: Yeah man, what's the deal with his form?

Guy 2: Don't mind him. He's nothing but weaksauce.
by DEATHdealer December 26, 2013
when something or someone is incredibly bad.
when something sucks.
jim: man this game blows
todd: yeah, it's weak sauce!


when someone sucks
Jim: ahaha eric you are so bad at mario kart
Julian: yeah dude, weak sauce!

by you're weak sauce December 09, 2007