people who think they know Japanese,just cause they watch anime,or read manga.
guy number 1.'you watch naruto?'
guy number 2.'yeah i know Japanese cause' of it'
guy number1.'you're now probably a weaboo'
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by your mom 12344556 July 09, 2016
Somebody overly obsessed with the Japanese culture who is not actually Japanese.
That girl watched 158 different anime series!?! She's such a weaboo!
by Cammie/Violet June 18, 2016
1 ) A person with no life, and does nothing else but watch anime, becomes a total dickhead in forum posts.

2) A person who uses anime characters as an avatar or profile picture.
....I can't say anything about them. They're too disgusting. Weaboos are disgusting.
by RzKrM May 08, 2016
An insult used towards people who watch anime, use a few Japanese words in normal sentences (Most of the time learned from anime.), thinks that everyone's opinion is irrelevant compared to their own, and want to move to Japan based on what they've seen from anime. Not to be confused with an otaku, a weaboo is completely different. Sometimes weeb is also said, which is a synonym to weaboo.
Hey, Senpai! Wasn't Biology sugoi today desu?


Oh, you baka!

You're kinda sounding like a weaboo right now...
by Diet Swag June 02, 2016
Anyone who plays the girl characters in overwatch.
Omg that kid in my kik chat is a total weaboo!
by RamenIsAMinecraftGod June 23, 2016
a weaboo watch anime manga and visual novel
weaboo fag : hey you watch naruto?!?!?!? naruto is the best drama!
weaboo friend : no you're weaboo.
by a big fat faggot January 23, 2016
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