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A word used mostly on 4chan. This word is basically a synonym for otaku.
WEABOO! (most common use)
You are such a weaboo.
by /d/eviant June 07, 2006
121 632
Derogatory term for a cultured person, most affiliated with the Japanese culture. People who use this term are usually low-IQ, over-patriotic (mostly Americans) morons who think it's bad to respect another culture. Weaboo's are often said to be white (or any other race) trying to be Japanese. This is not the case. See wapanese
/While having a conversation with a Japanese person.

Moron: Omg ur not japanese, ur such a weaboo!!11!

Well cultured person: Get a life, you pathetic excuse for a human.
by AnarchyStocking July 05, 2011
138 655
Anything you want it to be
God dam weaboo's!
stuckfixated sucks my weaboo!
Stfu you damn weaboos!
look at that weaboo!
by Mission obviouis December 11, 2006
51 726