One who eats pocky in their underwear and butchers the Japanese language.
Clyde the weaboo told everybody at his lunch table to watch his favorite anime.
by DrunkenEskimo42 June 03, 2015
The act of being Justin Wu in which you display behaviours of faggottry and an undying hard on for shitty cartoons
Jin Kit: You know that Justin kid, he's such a Weaboo
Fuman: Yeah i know what a fag
Lychee : Nice memes m8 xD
by Justinisaweaboofagoot June 26, 2015
Caleb McLean and Bill Sprinkel
They are Weaboo.
by Bloodsword May 19, 2015
Someone overly enthusiastic in an asian manner. Generally involves waving, playing asian videogames, or enjoying manga and anime.
Danny? Did you see him do that wave. He's such a weaboo.
by IToldYou May 16, 2011
1. The negative word for someone who is able to properly pronounce Japanese words, names, numbers, terms and honorifics/suffix.

2. A Fanfiction writer who replaces words such as thank you, yes, no, wait, bastard, everyone, what, why, etc with the original Japnese; arigatou, hai, iie, yaro, mina, nani, nande, etc

"You do know that's not how you pronounce it right? That letter is a t not a d."

"Ya, way to white wash it dude."

"Fuck you weaboos!"


"Why do you keep using Japanese words in this fic? I'm gonna stop reading if you keep doing it."

"Gee I don't know? Maybe it's because the characters speak Japanese, come from Japan and so does the fucking author!"

"Hmph weaboo"

by DragonoftheEastblue February 19, 2011
A misspelling of the word 'weeaboo'
That Asian fanboy is such a weaboo.

You mean weeaboo, you faggot.
by /b/ November 24, 2006
A word used mostly on 4chan. This word is basically a synonym for otaku.
WEABOO! (most common use)
You are such a weaboo.
by /d/eviant June 07, 2006

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