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a comical expression of surprise used in the popular 2006 movie, Borat, and copied in various parodies including Yu Gi Oh, the Abridged series.
Doctor: you have cancer
Guy who's just watched Borat: wawawewa!
Doctor: I'm serious.
Guy who's just watched Borat: so what, I have Ipod, you have ipod mini, everyone know ipod mini is for girls!!!
Doctor: you know what else?
Guy who's just watched Borat: what?
Doctor:your an idiot
by wowawewa January 21, 2009
A catch phrase of Borat. Used as a punctuative statement affirming his belief.
"Pamela anderson is a very beautiful...wawawewa"
by Jim dandy November 05, 2006
On the movie Borat, Borat says it.
This room is large, wawawewa...
by 12345678bigjohn September 07, 2008