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Diarrhea thats a little more runny than normal buttmud. Often the result of being sick or drinking to much without eating.
""That nigga had some serious watershit last night, no chunks at all shit was slicin up his assmeat."
by Datnigga May 29, 2006
when you have the shits so bad you are essentially shitting only water.
I ate nothing but Chipotle the last three days. I've almost reached the fabled water shit.
by brown johnson November 25, 2009
When you go take a shit, and the poo drops out from your bum and lands hard in the toilet bowl, sending a splash of water onto your bum, cleaning your bum so you don't have to wipe it with toilet paper.
Oh, WATER SHIT! The water that other people's shit have been in is now on my bum! Now I need to get a towel to... oh SHIT! Now where can I get a towel?
by Prothiever June 15, 2010
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