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An exceptionally large penis that can release seminal fluid many feet. 9 inches AT LEAST.
Slut1: How big is your boyfriend
Slut2: Like 10 inches
Slut1: what's that like?
Slut2: A water bottle in your coolie.
by TommyTubervillelicksmyballs September 14, 2007
67 28
A bottle of water filled with vodka usually at teen dances or socials.
Jim: Yo Frankie you bringing the water bottles?
Frankie: Yeah G I'm loading up.
by Mr. Pizzle April 21, 2009
38 20
to throw a water bottle at a bitch
Dave: What did you do yesterday?
Brittney: I water bottled that bitch Tanya.
by dveltmands June 21, 2010
17 8
A container holding a delicious, orgasmic drink.
In my waterbottle is peach ice tea.
by Cheyanne&Sam July 11, 2011
6 1
When one takes a piss in the water tank of a toilet making the toilet flush yellow the next few flushes. Usually done with a "top shelf".
Hey, my buddy Jeff bought a new house the other day, so for a house warming gift, I gave him a water bottle!
by Seawall September 23, 2006
29 26
An object for men to insert penises or dildo to store excess fluid
Sluts vagina have several water bottle
by Koloshnokov Baby July 21, 2009
8 9
A hot, cute, or gorgeous guy.
"Look over there, its a water bottle."

"Damn, there's no water bottles here."
by thisislegit94 August 12, 2011
10 12