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A great place that everyone should love because all the people are so nice, and everything is beautiful. The town is very small so everyone knows everyone. It is mostly a place where New Yorkers and people from Fairfield county reside during the summer. It is a great place with lots to do, except many tourist pile in causing it to become crowded and sometimes gross. The Misquamicut club is a very nice beach/golf/ tennis club that 80% of Watch Hill people belong to. It takes about four years to claim a full time membership, but it is worth it. Watch Hill is a great place and always will be!!!
Girl from New York: omg hey sam... i saw you this winter at the Brearly lacrosse party!

Sam: Oh really! thats so funnY!

Girl from New York: yeah.... wow I feel like I know you so much because of Watch HIll

SAm: Yeah def.
by slcooper14 February 10, 2009
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