A school in south jersey with about 5000 kids who are either punk,wigger, or nerds.The academics are very poor and only about 60% of the kids go to college.In sports they are decent but still lose to the top end teams, no matter how many steroids they use.The excessive alcohol and drug use in the school might be a reason why they are a very bad school.But, on the good end of it almost every girl in the school is hott,but the majority of the hott girls are sluts and have a STD.If you go to TWP you should just quit life.

TWP is such a trash school
a school with hookers,sluts, and down syndrome
by WHO_ARE_U April 29, 2005
Top Definition
the school that everyone is jealous of. everyone who doesnt go to "twp" says its a crack school, we all know they are just jealous.
i wish i could go to "twp"
by mark April 25, 2005
The new Buffalo Bills, gets to the state finals 3 straight years and lose 3 straight years...can't seem to beat Shawnee, no matter how many steriods they use. Every single female is hot, there are no ugly ones. AKA Italian TWP.
They pulled a TWP and choked in the final minute.
by 80 March 02, 2005
a school that sucks balls and thats why me n my friends go there
washington township high school - we blow!!!!!!!!!!!!
by we blow May 07, 2009
the hell hole full of crack heads, bitchy cheerleaders who should all die, and over all assholes. I hate mostly everyone in that school, and its a frigin prison. And I'm sick of the preppy people calling punks, goths, and skaters names, especially goths. Their not freaks. I hate that school with a passion. I wish it would burn down with the people I hate in it. The sad part is I still got 2 years left in that hell.
cheerleaders are stupid bitchy slutty whores who think their the best thing that walked the earth.
by 4646464646 May 05, 2005
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