awesome, cool, phat, huge

tear up, destroy, dominate
"Man, that candy apple paint job is warehouse!"

"I'm gonna warehouse all over that team!"
by undercover7 September 06, 2007
Top Definition
To store not-yet-drunk beer or other alcohol on the side during a drinking game, as opposed to actually drinking it. An extremely bitch move, if not illegal by state and/or federal legislation.
After Grilled Cheese won the beirut tournament, his trophy was taken away when Bobby pointed out that he had warehoused enough beer to feed a family of four for a week.
by Nick D October 24, 2004
A mental institution. The term was inspired by the sad state of the mental health "industry" in the United states.
The lawyer closed his briefcase, and sighed. "90 days in the warehouse for Billy, and then back onto the streets he goes, with a month's worth of thorazine and $100, courtesy of the state."
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
Warehouse meaning very large penis and balls. Can also mean dirty, hairy balls/penis.
"I'll show you the warehouse."

"The warehouse needs some cleaning."
by Lightening thief poopy pants July 19, 2013
(n) - Derogatory word used to describe a woman that one thinks can, and does, store many non-conventional items in her vagina and/or anal cavity for the purposes of sexual pleasure, monetary gain, or both.
Me:Dayum, that bitch can hold all that dick.

Joe: I know right! That bitch is a warehouse!
by Candy cane hoe February 21, 2013
an abandoned building you break into
when you and your friends break into a new hangout. call it a "warehouse".
by Zak Hoult March 24, 2008
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