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War has changed.

It's not about nations, or ideologies.
It's not even about profit, resources, or ethnicity.

It's an endless series of proxy battles,
fought by mercenaries and machines.

War, and its vast consumption of human life,
has become a rational, well-oiled business transaction.

War has changed.

ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons,
use ID-tagged gear.

Nanomachines inside their bodies
enhance and regulate their actions.

Genetic control.. Information control..
Emotion control.. Battlefield control.

Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

War has changed.

The age of deterrence is now the age of control,
averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction.

And he who controls the battlefield, controls history.

War has changed.

When the battlefield is under total control,

war becomes routine.

War has changed. MGS has changed.
by FinaLWoot. September 22, 2008
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