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1. Offensive word for a completely stupid person.
2. An area used to wank upon. ie a porno mag.
Fuck off you complete wankplank and stop pissing in the drinking fountain. OR That would be james' wank plank, if he could get it up.
by Jack O'grady May 03, 2005
7 6

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A piece of wood that you put up against your door handle to stop anyone coming in your room.
hey whats he doing with that plank of wood
i think he's gona use it to stop anybody going into his room whiles he's doing stuff, he calls it his wank plank
by dec457 April 06, 2011
16 0
A thin-necked, floyd rose wielding guitar, built exclusively for shredding and other high speed guitar playing.

ie. Ibanez Jems, Esp, Superstrats etc...
Dude, Steve Vai's pink wank plank is sexy!! He can play 40 notes per second!!!!!
by Larocs March 20, 2007
4 14