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Total and utter prick, however can often be a reasonable person when they are with you on their own. Often thinks they are better looking than they are, and acts like they are way out of your league, when in reality it is the other way around.
Oh... thats wankpants!
by Cheeky_chaz September 27, 2010
1 12
pants worn commando which are easily pushed down to the floor for ideal dick access when porn opportunity arises

popular item of clothing in middle school and high school as powerul elastic waste band secures boner against chest in jerk stop emergency. For best results boner should cover two inches above belly button when Wank Pants restrained
the instant the front door closed behind his mom he had his Wank Pants completely on the floor crumpled around his ankles, sitting at the computer, porn playing, jerking his lubed dick, eager to nutt on his chest

boners that strongly point forward while standing need a belt instead of Wank Pants
by margrette sees January 18, 2013
38 1
Pants which are great to easily "rub one out in" . Not necessarily inside the pants e.g wearing shorts which give access to your dick, or pussy , quickly so a wank can occur but in times of danger to the wank, the dick/pussy can be quickly hidden away. Good examples are baggy short shorts.
Dude those pants are horrible!

Yea but they make great wank pants.

Whats that?

You know, pants that you can have a wank and hide your dick quickly with.
by DeeZamBOOGLA January 15, 2013
1 1