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Onomatopoeic word to describe a rubberised stretchy quality.
Don't reheat pasta in the microwave or it will go all wangy.
by Tabitha March 28, 2005
Of food, having lost its intended consistency but possibly still edible.
A: "Don't eat the sandwich, it's wangy"
B: "It's OK ... just that the corners are curling up."

A: "How long has that toast been made"
B: "A couple of hours. It's a bit wangy"
by ScouserInASuit May 01, 2011
Of or relating to the Wang (Penis)
This Gatorade tastes a little Wang-y
by A nameless Joe March 31, 2004
the act of being a wang, wanting a wang or talking like wang
Daniel: man i feel like some wangy right now!
by 74DES May 09, 2007

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