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A catch-all term that covers various forms of egregious and self-serving boasting about one's sex life - particularly when such boasting occurs over the internet.

Like the famous Supreme Court quote about pornography - wang-wagging is something that is difficult to define, but easy to recognize when one sees it. There are a few basic types of wang-wagging

Type One (Bragging to One's Friends):

For instance, whenever dudes are hanging out in an informal setting talking about their sex lives, wang-wagging will inevitably occur as one or more of the dudes in the conversation feels a competitive desire to exaggerate the details of his sex life - so as to "one up" another member of the group or to attain some form of status in the group.

Type Two (Bragging on the Internet):

Wang-wagging is particularly prevalent on the internet - especially on message boards, where male posters often go to great lengths to make exaggerated claims about their sexual prowess, and to denigrate the sexual prowess of other posters.

Type Three (Subtle):

In my opinion, dudes who feel the need to bring-up the fact that they have a girlfriend (or post about their girlfriends), even in conversations (or threads) that have nothing to do with sex - are engaging in a form of wang-wagging. By bringing up one's girlfriend in an irrelevant context, it is as if one is saying "Hey! I need others to acknowledge that I am cool/sexy/virile enough to have a girlfriend - so I am going to bring her up and talk about her - even though she has nothing to do with the topic of our conversation."
Type One (Bragging to One's Friends):

"Ya - your girlfriend Jill is hot, but she's kind of plain. I'm an f-ing wild man in the sack! Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Canada and had hot passionate sex with two nymphomaniac super-models on the shore of Lake Onatario? Man - they were begging for for more of me - but I had to go back to my hotel....."

Type Two (Bragging on the Internet):

"My record for ejaculations in one day is eleven. I don't understand dudes who can't regenerate more than six times a day. You all need to start taking more Vitamin B or something."

Type Three (Subtle):

Person A: "Wow - GTA" San Andreas is a great game."

Person B "Ya - I know - my girlfriend and I play it all the time - usually right before we have sex. She loves to hijack cars and kill the Ballas. It's like an aphrodisiac."
by The Professor November 29, 2004
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