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Sniffing/inhaling any substance up your nose as an act of recreation or leisure
Sarah: Party at my house tonight I just got a new script of oxys

Natasha: Hell yeah everybody's going to Wang Chung tonight!


John: I just got out the hospital this morning

Tina: omg what happened

John: I wang chunged some heroine thinking it was coke
by KDaFun1 August 16, 2011
When a boy takes his penis and dips it into chineas food!!!!!
oh my gosh justin totally did a wang chung wednesday night!
by jessica treepum March 29, 2010
have fun, specifically in illegal ways.

Etymology: the 80s' song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" where every second mention of the line "Everybody have fun tonight" was changed with "everybody Wang Chung tonight"
I'm sure you really were Wanging Chung last night.

Hey everybody, let's Wang Chung tonight!
by Dushkin November 11, 2006
to suck a penis and touch yourself at the same time
She wangchunged me so hard last night
by winchypoo November 21, 2005
When ur done taking a crap and you wipe from back to front and doodoo is still present.
Dude, i have a serious case of "wang-chung".
by Jacques Rabe July 30, 2007
A farsighted, bald chinese kid who can perform flips of many types. Also characterised as either a type of good-wierd, athletic-monkey, or a type of odd-funny.
Yo, WangChung, do that thing you just did again!
by anonymoose October 21, 2003
the act of projectile vomiting and having explosive diarrhea simultaneously
I wang chunged so hard last night, after eating that Mexican food.
by MHOB October 10, 2010