When a boy takes his penis and dips it into chineas food!!!!!
oh my gosh justin totally did a wang chung wednesday night!
by jessica treepum March 29, 2010
when you go pee and poo and throw-up at the same time
Eww Jonney someone left a Wang Chung Lieing in the toilet.
by Melissa19 July 29, 2005
A fat kid named mark that lives next door, always coming over and begs us to smoke with him and eats all the food.

In other words a moocher fat albert style.
"Hey Wangchung, burn in hell!"
by Landon the stoner July 29, 2003
When ur done taking a crap and you wipe from back to front and doodoo is still present.
Dude, i have a serious case of "wang-chung".
by Jacques Rabe July 30, 2007
A farsighted, bald chinese kid who can perform flips of many types. Also characterised as either a type of good-wierd, athletic-monkey, or a type of odd-funny.
Yo, WangChung, do that thing you just did again!
by anonymoose October 21, 2003
the act of projectile vomiting and having explosive diarrhea simultaneously
I wang chunged so hard last night, after eating that Mexican food.
by MHOB October 10, 2010
to suck a penis and touch yourself at the same time
She wangchunged me so hard last night
by winchypoo November 21, 2005

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