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A noun or adjective, normally a mild insult or compliment depending on how its used. Its used to replace various adjectives and nouns.
Wangchop can replace:
1. Hot meat (someone hot)
2. An idiot
4. Sleeping
5. Babe
6. Energetic
You wangchop, what are you doing? - hot meat
Stoping wangchopping and get working! - procastinating
You are such a wangchop! - Idiot
Arent you a wangchop? - Babe
Im so wangchopy! - Energetic
by Ashlyn cocobean April 05, 2009
The process of chopping some one's or thing's wang. Used as an insult against someone.
"stfu wang chop"
by James Howard December 27, 2003
1. A word used to describe something that is wicked, awesome, or otherwise the shit.
2. A greeting or salutation.
3. What?
1. Man, that is totally wangchops!
1. Wangchops; that girl's breasts pwn!
2. Wangchops!
2. Wangchops out to all my homies.
3. Wangchops?
by Adrian Guerin October 02, 2005
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