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A.a woman who has been fucked so many times her vagina is "as big as a walrus"

B.a woman who will only take in a man of "walrus size"

C.a very nasty derogatory term for a woman who is fat, ugly, bitchy, or slutty

D.the literal term for a walrus's vagina
A.Dave-Yo, Jessica's a walrus cunt
Dave-She's a slut, you retard!

B.Jessica-Dave, you may be my first, but 4 inches is not going to cut it.
Dave-Damn walrus cunt!

C.Jessica-Look at walrus cunt Sally over there eating her cupcakes!
Susan-Hey! That's not nice!

D.Jim-yo Dave! At the zoo today, while it was asleep i saw some walrus cunt!
Dave-fucking perv!
by Bob "the fizzle" Freddy July 27, 2007
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