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the act of touching your right/left buttcheck, usually throughout the day and after physical events, to make sure you still have your wallet.
person A: yo that negro convention was pretty fun.
-person B touches right buttcheek-
person A: why are you touching your butt?
person B: nah i was just doing a wallet check
by sam trinh January 08, 2009
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What you say when you see a person of colour who has came close to you. It warns all you buddies that there is a black man who may indeed try to steal your wallet.

This is indeed a racist term and is only used in a humorous way. Its a joke, not to be taken literally.
"hey greg, want to go into west 49?" "Oh just a min, lets wait till mitchell is done texting that chick" "yo mike, lets go.....o shit, wallet check"

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