The purple and white school with the really rejecting and conformist people. Their mascot statue is neutered. The school has nice teachers, and awesome food. But the people there are pretty boring for the most part. The conformists suck the life out of pretty much anyone they can get a hold of.
Cookie just came back from this place which she claimed had really good food and really nice teachers; but her energy and spunk seem freakishly low. I hope she'll be able to get back up from her wallenpaupack experience!
by tranceaholicind July 17, 2009
Top Definition
wallenpaupack is a huge lake located in northeast pa, though the highschool is a very high accedemic school that is willing to work with students it is about 90% of white kids and are very into acedemics as they are into sports, also the food is amazing and the teachers are awesome.. nothing to really complain about the school, and they do take awesome trips..
hey do you want to go swimming in lake wallenpaupack

i hear the school is good there, along with the football team,

yes and wallenpaupacks colors are purple and white

hmm... not bad for a public school, also dv is the rival right

ya but they are known as stdv...
by purple and white pride 2345645 August 29, 2009
great school... to bad all the girls there are two-faced bitches, who think their hot shit and all the guys there are assholes and will play you like a yo-yo.
All the girls are sluts and whores.

by 76428950 April 21, 2011
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