a word formed by saying 'wall ass' really fast. wall ass, of course means a booty that doesnt have any shape, definition, volume, or ,most importantly, jiggle. the term 'wallace' is useful in the company of teachers, parents, or tattle tales.
Damn, look at that girl, dude, she is a 'wallace'.
by Lennon Dyer October 26, 2007
a misproportioned black bitch of a lady with a ginormous ass. Wallace's typically can be found in the kitchen or cafeteria indulging themselves on fried chicken, watermelon, and purple dranks. They are usually bipolar and talk about sexual things at all the wrong times. Avoid talking to Wallace's on Mondays after the Cowboys lose a football game.
"Fuck man, look at that bitch's ass!"
"Dude, thats a fucking Wallace right thurr!"

"Aw, I heard KFC is going out of business."
"Hell man, we should get a couple Wallace's to bring back some business!"

"Shit! Wallace is gonna flip shit on us cuz his nigger team lost!
by wallace is a psycho December 08, 2008
Wallace and Grommit. Long for 'wally'. Another term for 'muppet' or 'dufus'.
Stop pinching my bum you wallace
by lex March 23, 2005
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