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The wallabus is in every sense the product of a union between man and wallaby. Said union is required to occur on the stroke of midnight. The soundtrack to this coupling of man and beast is required to be the song 'Twist Them Out' as recorded by Dillinja. During conception both parties shall attempt to girate to the beat of this song to the best of their ability. Only by controlling all variables and keeping only the purest intentions at heart may this pair create their wallabus. It is written that after conception the wallabus will be born unto the wallaby. His appearance will be a convergence of man and wallaby and he will inherit the earth.
"What is it darling?"
"It's just a wallabus dear. Don't be alarmed."
"But he's eating aunt Maureen."
"Well she shouldn't have questioned his purity."
by paul leary December 09, 2003
the name given to an unknown animal
big monkeys
big wallabuses have monkey two shoes
by werdkiiid August 20, 2003