An Arab word (used alot in israel al well) representing a sense of wonder. Most of the times it is used as a question.
person A: I saw your mother last night
Person B: Realy?

Person A: I saw your mother last night.
Person B: Walla?
by Eran October 11, 2004
Top Definition
Walla is a word used by retarded Americans who don't know any foreign languages and barely know their own. The correct word they are looking for is "voila", which loosely translates as "here it is", "there you go", or similar meanings.

Of course, the word voila properly pronounced in French sounds a bit like "vwalla", but with the "v" in front pronounced softly, almost like an "f". Being stupid Americans though, they can't pronounce anything which doesn't sound 100% English (not that they can pronounce English either) so in their incredibly lazy way, they don't even try to pronounce it correctly.
Want to see a stupid retarded American? points at self Walla!

So I was on a cruise around the world and we were heading towards American territory again. This lady on the ship asked me who the stupidest people in the world are. So I pointed at America and said "Walla!"
by Stupid American March 11, 2005
Background vocals used in film, TV, audio dramas, and other sound productions to give depth to the scene. For instance, people chatting in the background at a restaurant, or the sound of children playing at the park. Basically, the vocal equivalent of extras on screen.
The studio hired extra actors to perform walla to make the mall scene more convincing.
by BlueAngel September 01, 2006
A word very often used in dearborn, michigan (the only place ive heard ppl say it.) , an arabic term saying i swear to god in is often used as say walla! (when they don't believe someone) or walla bro or walla cuz to confirm something others might not believe often used very much in a social my school, u would hear it 100 times a day lol true.
Hassan: Who Scored first in the game?
Hamoody:I did, walla i did!
Ahmed: Yea walla he did.
Hassan: Thats bullshit! Walla u didn't
Hamoody: Walla i did, cuz ill kill you in b-ball too!
by anthony ez February 05, 2007
The work many people say / mispell in place of the French word - "voilà" which means (in English) "here it is".

"Walla" is a word used by ignorant people (particularly Americans) who simply don't know any better.
I was looking for my pen and voilà, here it is.
by Paul December 07, 2004
"I swear to God. "

Is Aussie slang for "ha-allah" which means Swear To God in Islam, Arabic or something.
" Did she really say that?!"

"omg that was awesome!"
"Walla mate!"
by JessMiester May 28, 2006
A word from Witch Doctor Cartoons music !
Witch Doctor, give us the magic word !
uuh eeh uh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
by Vicent June 20, 2006
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