a term decribing a person who blitzes your "wall" on Facebook, thereby filling the entire designated space with entries.
*insert name* likes whoring my wall. *insert name* is my personal wall whore.
by jnoogwin July 23, 2006
Top Definition
someone who makes a lot of facebook wall posts just so that a lot of people will post on their wall back, therefore giving the illusion that they have friends
Wolfgang: Megan you are such a wall whore, you posted on like two dozen peoples walls today and all you said was "hey whats up."
Megan: Oh, ok. What is the DEHHHHT today?
by Wolfgang Klein November 18, 2006
Someone who's iphone battery dies often so they will plug into any wall to charge.
Is she plugged in again? She is such a wall whore!!
by rebel4ever23366 August 15, 2011
Wall Whore is when some one constantly writes on your facebook wall for the sake of having you reply back on their wall so that people see how important, "popular", and wanted they seem. It's annoying so don't do it...
erica's wall: "hey gurl, haven't heard from you in a long time"

monica's wall: *still not written on*

erica's wall: " well, erica still see you haven't replied"

erica's wall: " if you don't text me, just write on my wall kays"

another viewer: "oh gawd...Monica is being such a wall whore"
by GGio June 22, 2010
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