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The fancy wall décor one receives after completing college, being inducted into greek fraternities/sororities/societies, or garnering an award for some academic achievement. Also, a convenient way to annoy bosses with less education than you by making them feel inferior each time they enter your office.
Co-worker 1: Hey, check out my wall bling. It has scrollwork!

Co-worker 2: Dude, that is sweet. My wall bling’s embossed.

Boss *looking into office*: And you two are??

Co-worker 1: Discussing the coefficient matrix of procedure 324.16A and how it relates to the efficiency of extradition with regards to our overseas competitors and the fabrication of onerous equivalents.

Co-worker 2: Exactly. We think it may be advantageous to consider the premature loading of toroidal olykoeks and perhaps finish it with a decocotion of aromatics.

Boss *looking bewildered*: Ahem, carry on.

by Jodphurs February 11, 2009

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