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A little bitch that no one over the age of nine cares where he is.
Wheres Waldo? The better question is, who cares??
by Zach G. November 14, 2003
13 49
A mysterious man that vanishes into the abyss only to be found in childens book. These book have cause millions of suicides.
Where the fuck is Waldo?
by Waldus Maximus February 22, 2004
988 108
that fucker that i can never find. damn you waldo!
Wheres waldo? ??????
by L. Camac February 01, 2005
476 109
One of the greatest masters of hide n' seek, rivaled only by Carmen Sandiego, Osama Bin Laden, and the TV Remote.

How does he do it? Witchcraft.
P1: Where's Waldo?
p2: Who cares.... Hey! I found the remote!
by WhereisWAlDO April 15, 2010
359 64
The guy everyone dresses like which makes him hard to find. He was last seen with Carmen Sandiego.
"Where the Fuck is Waldo? He owes me Money"
by Immortal-Jake May 03, 2006
367 81
That guy you can never effing find, but when you do, it's like, how the fuck did I miss him?
I finally found Waldo, that crazy mofo
by apnapunjab February 10, 2009
279 63
Sorry, Definition Not Found.
Where the f*** is Waldo's definition!?
by xWALDOx November 02, 2009
247 48
tricky son of a bitch
where the FUCKING HELL is WALDO?!
by iamwaldo June 10, 2007
201 54