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Orginated from hokkien langguage widely use in SINGAPORE. Now the words have spread to their neighbour country MALAYSIA.

Wa-Lau means "Oh my DAD", same meaning of some people say "Oh My GOD". Because the founder was not a religion guy, so instead of using the GOD, it use his own DAD.

Some might use WA-MA! mean "oh my MOM" for those mummy's boy.

And last but not list, the "eh" is just a finishing touch to enchance the words Walau or Wama!
Walau-eh! my car broke down.

Wa-ma-eh, Who parked the car at my car park.
by kakit March 12, 2006
An expression of amazement
Walau-eh, check out that babe.
by nick October 23, 2003
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