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Wake Up (Make a Move) is the third single from Start Something, the second album by the Welsh rock band lostprophets. This single was under much debate up to it coming out, both lostprophets and their N Prime management wanted the dark, brooding "Make A Move" as a single whereas the label wanted the poppier, catchier "I Don't Know". The band and their management walked away victorious from this battle of wills and the song was released as a single with the modified title "Wake Up (Make A Move)". However, "I Don't Know" was later released for radio airplay in the USA.

Track listing

CD 1
Wake Up (Make A Move)
Wake Up live at Chicago's Q101

CD 2
Wake Up (Make A Move)
Holding On (Demo)
Video: Wake Up (Make A Move)
Video: The Making Of Wake Up (Make A Move)

Wake Up (Make A Move)
Start Something live at R1 Astoria

from the album: Start Something
Released: May 3, 2004 (U.K)
Format: Enhanced CD
Genre: Rock
Length: 3:57
Label: Columbia Records / Visible Noise
Producer(s): Eric Valentine

Chart positions
18 (U.K)
9 (U.S Modern Rock)
16 (U.S Mainstream Rock)
wake up (make a move) was the third single from start something
by Scarer August 11, 2006

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