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It isn´t a word, is a spanish expression, it could be used for people or things.
Hey, Lola, that guy with the long mullet seems interested on you!look what a nice redneck, mmmm!
Lola: WAKALA!!!No way

Hey lola, be carefull, my puppy has been shiting all over the house today.
Lola: WAKALA!!!!
by Virgy May 08, 2006
ewwww in spanish
ugly boys....wakala
by faye-faye July 27, 2003
The Spanglish term of disgust. Diminutive form is "waka."
-Don't you hate when you're taking a shit and water splashes on your ass?

-This mofo behind me is sick and making nasty ass loud wet snotty noises
-Turn around and say "waka!"
by harrystylesluver69 March 21, 2012
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