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wakacha 1
exclamation informal
expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement : Wakacha! Great, Mellam!
ORIGIN early 2000s: perhaps an alteration of wakakaka .

wakacha 2
exclamation informal
expressing success, in a user's words, "wakacha is like wakaka with a touch of magic!"

Very flexible, can be used in many ways.




Could be variation of "Taadahh!!"

coined by Mel Lam
"I managed to finish reading the book!"

"I got to the end of the sentence!"

or on its own - "WAKACHA!"

"WAKA... CHA!"
by Melfunctioning February 27, 2009

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Exclamation, like "Shit" or "Fuck", used when expressing joy.
Wakacha man, you are the best!

Wakacka! Kats, you lose!

Kathy, no one likes you, wakacha!
by Peifang March 02, 2009