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to rub one out
larry likes to wack off constantly to pictures of jason eating meat naked
by daniel July 28, 2003
Not funny at all, also can be used in the same text as jake or lame
Niggaz who think they are hard are wack
by Malcolm aka Q April 09, 2003
JAZMINE SPEARS is the definition of the word
Jazmine is a wack peon lookin azz nigga.
by Sir P. May 27, 2008
the act of stroking your genitals to an erection, then in rythmic pattern stroke genitals to orgasm.
everyone wacks it to catdog.
by asdf August 09, 2003
trippin, honkey, common insult
you lot trying to mug me off? y'all wack man i ought to take you outside and open you up you cunts
by TOP NEEK January 04, 2005
A word that describes Ja Rule, The Diplomats, Benzino, P. Diddy, Nelly, Pastor Troy and Snoop's new shit.
Tha radio plays nothing but wack shit.
by Omega Death November 25, 2003
a lame gangsta slang word for cool.
"Dayum, that CD sounds wack!"
by Daddiyo July 10, 2008