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short for vice principal
Vp: your suspended
BENZ: what the hell did I do
Vp: nothing I just dont like you
BENZ: you know what FUCK YOU
by A guy at st.pauls February 28, 2008
14 24
Short for vagina punch; a punch to the vagina.
Craig proceeded to bring his fist to her and VP her. She cried.
by Silver Rokaku February 02, 2007
27 39
Video Phone- Like in manner to a phone, but uses cameras to send a motion picture to the other person. Made particularly for deaf people.

Deaf people use VP relay interpreters to talk to "hearies" or hearing people. It's the same idea, but the interpreter speaks to the hearing person and signs back and forth to the deaf person.
1.) Brenna: Hey Abigail! How's IL?
Abigail: It's great how is MD?
Brenna: Same Old Same Old. We should VP some time.
Abigail: I can't. Our VP is in my mom's room and she's asleep right now.
Brenna: Oh well maybe tomorrow
Abigail- Sounds great! See you tomorrow!

2.) Friend1- Hey are you good looking?
VP Relay- I can't answer that question
Friend1- Hey is the interpreter hot?
Friend 2- I'm not telling you.
by KODA Lovin January 31, 2008
9 22
Vagina Pants are friggin awesome
Those tight spandex pants, also the lululemon pants, you can see girls vagina's through them.
Check out the VP on that babe.
by Noobking December 10, 2006
11 24
Village Park!!! in encinitas, place ever....
wanna go rage VP?
lets go to VP
by T April 09, 2005
12 29
Short for "Vegas Puppy."
An artist, musician, magician, or other alternative-culture type who lives in Sin City.
Wow! That guy rocks on the guitar! You said he's from Vegas? He's totally a VP!
by s&m February 17, 2004
7 24