(Refferring to US "voting".

Contrary to popular belief among young people who do not vote, you do NOT elect the president directly.

You actually choose people to vote, called electors. These electors promise that if they are elected, they will vote for either candidate. However, they do not have to hold to this, and last minute bribes can be done.

Sound unfair?
The world won't change if we don't stand up for our rights as a people, and choose the right decision for the community.

Barbara Boxer of California is currently trying to stop this.

(Voting, when not reffering to the above, basically means submitting any type of entry to choose something. Although it represents whatever is good for a group (what the group wants, not what it needs), it most likely ends up being a bad idea.)
In class we voted for what songs we wanted to play at the dance, but since our class was primarily immature sluts, they played a combination of annoying pop/rap.

You know, we could have done a lot better than the ape in the chair who enjoys pressing the big red button set up in front of him. Something tells me that what John Timor* told us is going to be true...

A guy who claimed to be from the future on some stupid forum, and whom I doubt. What he had to say would be pretty good for a scifi novel, even if it was most likely fake. (Johntimor.com)
by Erin "Canifis" Murphy January 17, 2005
Top Definition
The best way you have of voicing your opinion in a way that can matter. Nothing's perfect, and there's always going to be mistakes, but there is simply no excuse for not casting a ballot for what you believe in. Take the time to understand the issues and then take the time to vote. Don't let people who aren't going to be around four years from now decide your future. Complaining without voting is worse than any hanging chad.
My conscience is clear because I took the time to vote.

Don't worry about rocking the vote, just vote!
by sharona November 07, 2004
A way for the government to get us to believe that we are choosing our country's leaders, when in reality, our votes hardly even matter.
At best, my vote can only tie, so why bother? Unless they miscount in Florida...
An act performed when over the age of 18
I'm 18 and legal by the way
Oh I don't even know what that means, so you're saying you can vote? Cool maybe we can vote together sometime

You've never elected anyone before? I can tell you what I know!
Elections? Can't be too hard, I guess it wouldn't hurt..
Kurt - Kurt, I'm going to vote - oh god I'm voting!
by Gleek24 April 22, 2011
The way the American government makes you think you are in charge of your own destiny, when in reality we are living in an imperialist society that has already subverted the bill of rights in the name of terror and fear. Think about it. You don't pick the next president, the electors from the electoral college do, and they are basically free to pick anyone. Your vote counts...sort of but not really.
- We are all sheep that can have our homes broken into, our property searched, we can be detained and not told what we are being held for, and held for an indefinite amount of time if we are a ''suspected terrorist''. What kind of power does that give to you as a human being? vote? why?
by Zeitgeistmovie.com November 04, 2008
1. An indication of personal preference, sometimes anonymous, design to effect the outcome of an event or choice or events.

2. Something you do to give yourself a nice warm feeling, but no one really notices.
Dont vote, it only encourages them.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
An action that you do with Darren Criss on election day once you are 18 years of age. It's a special privlage that not many recieve. It is also every Starkid's dream to vote.
Person 1: Oh my God did you just vote?

Person 2: Yes! Darren would be proud!

Person 1: Lucky!
by Lavender Jones August 20, 2011
A mechanism used to hand over power in a peaceable manner that allows people to think they have a choice.
The situation's gonna get a lot worse - but you can't complain because you made sure to vote for it!
by jasminenz November 04, 2008
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