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To express dissatisfaction by quitting or leaving. Usually used in the context of a job.
Boss: "As you know, it's been a tough year. We've lost $4 billion. So your bonus this year is going to $100,000. So if you would be so kind as to go ahead and return the full amount of every paycheck you've received this year, that would be greeeeaaat, m'kay?"
Subprime mortgage trader: "What? That's not fair! It's not my fault! You're the one who decided to buy all those Ninja loans, CDOs, and Bear Stearns shares!"
Boss: "Too bad, chief. If you don't like it, vote with your feet."

Paul McCartney: "Bloody hell, woman - what's taking so long? Get me that sammich now!"
Heather Mills: "You can't treat me like this! I'm your wife, not your slave!"
Paul McCartney: "I'm Paul McCartney, bitch! If you've got a problem, vote with your feet! Oops, I mean vote with your FOOT...hahahahahahaha! "

(NOTE: for those who don't know, Heather Mills had her left leg amputated)
by Nicholas D March 25, 2008
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