A verb meaning: to insert a high-risk component into a software project without due consideration, planning, testing, or acceptance of the inevitable ramifications of failure, often under duress, time crunch, or due to moonlighting.
"It's Friday at 3:30 and I need to leave. I'll vonda that in from home on Saturday."

"Well, of course it doesn't work quite right. I vonda'd that in to hit the deadline."

"Never mind getting approval. Just vonda it in."
by RedShirt58 August 15, 2005
Top Definition
A person whohas the greatest personality ever! Vonda is contagious, always the life of the party. She is outspoken but never obnoxious or overbearing. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, but don't piss her off; she can be vindictive and has been reported as having a temper, but only if provoked. Has the best booty you've ever seen. Former Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke
Did you see her ass?
Yeah, Vonda's got a motor in the back of her Honda!
by v a April 04, 2011
A woman's name usually used in european imbreeding and imbreeding across the southern united states in low income areas where embreeding is rampid like
Hello Vonda, o my what an ugly boy you have!
by Gd-up March 02, 2010
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