A shortened version of vomit. A quicker way to get your point across in times of emergency
"OMG i am about to vom"
"quick get her to the loo"

"that is so gross i want to vom in your face"
"how kind"
by Lazybum November 02, 2009
something that is sooo disgustingly repulsive it makes you want to VOMit
the food in the dining hall tonight is vom!
by Alyssa January 18, 2005
1. What annoying, whingy teenage girls say instead of vomit.
2. To vomit
3. What I do whenever I hear anybody say it.
And I was like, "Oh my god, I'd like totally vom if I see your face again", you know?
by tinmancactus July 13, 2010
n.: Vomitus; The result of someone or something having vomited; A pile/pool/puddle/lump of vomitus.

v.: To vomit.

May be used in place of shit for most meanings of that word.
Danny's day was going well until he stepped in the dog-vom.
"Vom!" he cursed as he vommed up his breakfast.
From that point on his whole day turned to vom.
All in all it had turned into the vommiest day of his life.
by phantom oddity January 09, 2004
Vom means to feel physically or mentally sick. Something so great that sickens you or just another expression for words related with being sick.
Girl:"You alright kid?"
Boy:"I 100% wanna Vom!"
by MarleyKid May 14, 2010
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