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Volunteer firefighters are known for their snobby attitudes and their feeling of self worth. They get their kicks by walking around a fire department, never actually doing anything, yet still feeling like "theyre on the team." What makes them noticable in public is their walkie talkies which alert them of fires which they wont be able to fight since they are not real firemen. Volunteer Firefighters are also commonly found as boy scouts, another low in our society associated with gay sexuality.
"I'm a volunteer firefighter! I must know like, 30 ways to save your life!"

"I'm about to end yours.Go save a kitten"
by Jon Stubbs December 26, 2006
101 232
fireman that is well trained in the extinguishment of fires,vehicle extrication,medical calls,and fire safety.but they are not paid for their training nor for running their calls.three quarters of this country is volunteer.most volunteers have a job but also have firefighting as a second non paid job.some volunteer firemen dont take the job seriously but most do and act accordingly.
volunteer firefighter fight fire and protect the public for free.most of them have just as much if not more training than fully paid fire depts.
by engineman843 April 25, 2009
105 48