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A very hot taco, sold at Taco Bell.
"I really like to eat volcano tacos."
by Jessiclaw January 01, 2008
a word used to describe a firecrotch(michelle Grages)
michelle grages is a volcano taco!!!!!
by someone in grafton May 13, 2009
Taco from taco bell that is really damn HOT!!

(made me sweat)
I ate the volcano taco and starting sweating and turning red while eating.
by Andrew Adams The Man Forever August 04, 2009
Is when you eating out a mexican because there pussy is hot like hot sause
Oh man i had a VOLCANO TACO last night
by sandersscotty February 24, 2009
an illness that has a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of sexual contact, specifically pertaining to the female Vagina.
Stay away from that girl, she has a volcano taco.
by jeff avery January 20, 2008
A product made by taco bell that may also refer to redhead vaginas.

similar to "fire crotch"
"Eww, that girl has a straight up volcano taco!"

"Bro, let's go get some volcano tacos"
by Ethan Kazmerzak August 26, 2009
a girl on her period
ewwww i saw that girls volcano taco and it was nasty
by shelbyjaysm September 02, 2008

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