Vlah is a term that is mostly related to vampires or vampirism. It can also mean something mildly gross or disgusting happening to a person (kind of like blech).
1. Vampire: 'Sup, buddy, I've come to suck your blood.
Buddy: Eat sunlight, you bloodsucker!
Vampire: Vlah!

2. Maria: How are you?
Angus: I'm good, how are... vlah! A bug just flew in my
by redhaiku May 05, 2007
Top Definition
IRC Usually intended as a mildly sarcastic indication that the person who is saying it has just heard something ridiculously goth. Originally: The goofy sound that Bela Lugosi made as the bloodthirsty Count in Dracula: ("Vlah! I vant to suck your blood!").
<BlkNoOne> I cut myself with a razorblade once.
<nonplused> vlah
by Eric Seven January 06, 2004
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