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1. World of warcraft. Essentailly, it is crack on a disc. It trashes the lives of millions of people who play it. The "WoW" addicts are similar to actual crack addicts in that they can't help but keep paying the $15 fee every month for access to some online network in which most will spend hours or even days a week, taking a "trip" to some false land where they find an alternative to normal life. It is a serious epidemic plaguing the entire world.
WoW Addict: "Common, man, hook me up with one more, more, one more month of play!"

Game store clerk: "OK, it's $30 for a 2 month card."

WoW Addict: "Are you seri- serious man?! I already wasted all my, my money on buying virtual gold and paying monthly fees!"

It's virtual crack
by Anonyms. February 02, 2007
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