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n. A person who has never been kissed before.
(term is usually reserved for use with a significant other eg. husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend)
I can't believe you still have virgin lips!!!
by -=[Vi]rus=- February 23, 2005
someone who is me.
I haven't kissed anyone before and I really don't give a fuck!!!
by Gwen Stefani Grrl June 23, 2004
Someone who hasn't been kissed yet.
Mary has virgin lips.
by Kimmberlyannamy October 28, 2006
A new or poser smoker who wets the mouth piece of a cigarette filter/blunt, causing annoyance to the person who passed it to him.
Virgin lips hands back cigarrette.

Original user takes a puff, "It's all wet! Virgin lips!"
by reppingnotorioushard July 27, 2010
Someone who through no fault of his own is either homosexual or afraid that if he snogs someone he'll get laughed at. usually seen as the fat girl who sits behind her very nice-looking pal at a club. VLs never admit they are VLs.

Guy 1."here, see that new lass Kate? No bad, in't she no?!

Guy 2."I bet she won't let you near her-she's a Virgin Lips."
by Biafra J July 11, 2004
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