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Someone who eats at Chipotle at least 5 times a week.
Person 1: Hey where do you wanna go for lunch?

Person 2: Chipotle!!!!

Person 1: OMG, you ate there like 4 times this week already!

Person 2: I know! One more and I can be called a vinay!!!! :)
by chiptolelover July 13, 2009
83 53
Vinay - A Name derived from the name of the Indian God - Lord Ganesha a.k.a Vinayak.
Name of a Boy - Vinay.
Example mine : Vinay Ahuja.
by Vinay Ahuja June 12, 2007
108 47
The meaning of the name Vinay is Modest, Follows The Rules

Means "Leading, Guidance, Modesty, Polite, Good Behaviour" in Sanskrit.
Origin: Sanskrit (India)
he is very Vinay
by The world's greatest1 April 03, 2009
92 35
A type of extremely rare turtle, native to North Texas. This elusive creature can only be found by business professionals.
Hey, I was fishing yesterday and I accidentally caught a Vinay!
by Kevin Gupta May 11, 2005
146 100