A type of extremely rare turtle, native to North Texas. This elusive creature can only be found by business professionals.
Hey, I was fishing yesterday and I accidentally caught a Vinay!
by Kevin Gupta May 11, 2005
Top Definition
Vinay - A Name derived from the name of the Indian God - Lord Ganesha a.k.a Vinayak.
Name of a Boy - Vinay.
Example mine : Vinay Ahuja.
by Vinay Ahuja June 12, 2007
The meaning of the name Vinay is Modest, Follows The Rules

Means "Leading, Guidance, Modesty, Polite, Good Behaviour" in Sanskrit.
Origin: Sanskrit (India)
he is very Vinay
by The world's greatest1 April 03, 2009
Someone who eats at Chipotle at least 5 times a week.
Person 1: Hey where do you wanna go for lunch?

Person 2: Chipotle!!!!

Person 1: OMG, you ate there like 4 times this week already!

Person 2: I know! One more and I can be called a vinay!!!! :)
by chiptolelover July 13, 2009
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