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an empress of her own world and thoughts, a strong female who doesn't consider men the stronger party. Is very independent.
dang! did you see how she acts viktoriya, that is why she's so succesful.
by dyachuk July 25, 2008
Viktoriya is eloquent poetry in motion. Her presence in London makes the weather rainy, the angels crying in unison and marvelling at her unparalleled beauty. And then she makes the sun shine again with her sunny disposition. Like a ray of light, she makes the day brighter again. Flower-like in countenance, she sends all the butterflies in a person's stomach racing. With all the fleeting feelings, she can really make a person appreciate the warm, fuzzy ones. Especially the ones she creates in people around her. If she is reading this, she should know she is very special.
I want to kidnap Viktoriya and take her to a deserted island with only me and her.
by ExistentialCrisis June 14, 2013

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