Something that you do for interactivity, not for looking at graphics. Who cares for graphics? Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic are great and their graphics suck!
I like to play with a video game, not a DVD player.
by Rebal the Lorikeet May 31, 2005
What us geeks and nerds did before anyone else, back when they weren't cool, or 3d, or anything. Now, it's an international phenomenon helping us get fat, lazy, and girlfriends over the internet, with jocks as well as any playing stuff from halo to oblivion, wow, grand turismo, zelda, or anything else we all like.
Video games are the bane of human existence. And we will love them forever.
by Artifishalfish July 24, 2006
1. Something to do when your bored

2. A Scapegoat for the violence in America. When ironically American game developers are the companies who create such games.

3. Something people like to claim makes others dumb and fat. It takes intelligence to play video games. My only understanding of why someone would claim it makes someone stupid, is because they don't understand video games. A.K.A Can't Get Past the 1st Level
1. This car ride is taking forever, I think I'll play a video game.

2. Video games are the main cause of violence in America. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris played Doom before they shot up their classmates, so the game made them do that. (Not that the constant daily harrassment and violence towards them had anything to do with it, or the school slacking off about it)

Violent videogames are mainly created by American game developers. We can't blame Japanese companies like Sega or Nintendo, because for the most part they refuse to associate themselves with any of the gaming companies who produce these violent games. At least when Japan wants to be violent in their games, it has style.

3. People who claim gamers are fat and stupid. Mainly those who do not excell at gaming, so rather taking the time and effort to gain skill at the art of gaming, they simply put gamers down.

Frankly my view is if you sit and watch TV all day, vs gaming all day, at least when you game you're interacting and thinking. If you're just watching TV. It's like if you say I got through a hard level yesterday, at least that's an accomplishment. What do you accomplish from sitting on your ass watching TV, Cartman?
by Jackie March 02, 2004
A form of electronic interactive entertainment, one that has a considerable amount of history, and one that has gained an incredible amount of world-wide recognition over the years.

However, despite their technilogical evolution, world-wide recognition, and staggering age-spanning consumer rates, video games are still subjected to a variety of stereotypes.

These stereotypes are maintained by those who still harness the mindset that "all" video games are stupid, childish, time-wasting, mentally unbeneficial, or anyone who plays video games is somehow incapable of having a life.

On the contrary, video games in many ways can be more mentally beneficial than any other form of entertainment.

Specific video games can provide god-like creative abilities, have educational values, reduce stress levels, improve hand-eye coordination, stimulate intellectual properties, even make exercise enjoyable thanks to evolved control schemes "Wii Fit".

Delving into the immersive qualities of video games, video games can have very unique relationships with story-telling due to their interactivity.

These include altering the course of the story based on choices, playing as different characters, having multiple endings e.t.c

I could go on forever.

Video games do not only offer entertainment, but unmatched immersive storytelling experiences.
Carlton: Video games are stupid.
Jake: No, that’s just a stereotype, and by today’s standards you couldn't be more false.
by A random individual January 10, 2011
1. Best invention ever made

2. A target for soccer moms (see soccer mom) and politicians everywhere.
The lead to violence in schools is videogames like Hookerkill 2004 and PsychoMurderer '03
by Dan Black February 18, 2004
(n.) Vid•e•o Game

1. An escape from the real world.

2. One of zillions of ways to spend twenty dollars.

3. Or, as the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition would say, "An electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen."
Boy's Mother: *sigh* I swear! All that boy ever does is video games, video games, and more video games!
by The Mysterious Definer March 17, 2004
Our only form of education.
Mario is l33t in his new video game buns of steel. (mario is impatint)
by Princes Peach May 14, 2003

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