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1. a webcam based discussion

2. to participate in a webcam based discussion
The latest video chat did more to divide people that unite them under the same cause.
by The Return of Light Joker December 02, 2011
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Also known as jacking off. Its when you have somebody in your room (usually dorm room in college) and you need to go and jack it because its that time of day when your roommate actually is at class and you have your own free time.
"Hey Nick can you go back to your room for a little bit, I'm gonna video chat real quick"
"Oh OK, yeah sure, i get it"
by redhawk9er October 23, 2009
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A technology used for interacting with a person, usually of the opposite sex, when meeting in person cannot be achieved.
Me: Lets Video Chat
Mary:Sure! Give me a minute.
by God's Dictionary Writer May 29, 2010
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