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The period of time directly preceding one's mid-life crisis.

During this time, the affected person or persons will spend all of his or her time on the internet, watching video-after-video. Most of these videos, if not all, pertain to slapstick humor in some way. Additionally, the affected person may obligate nearby friends or family members to accompany them in video-watching.

Sober middle-aged males who work in factories are significantly more prone to a video slump than others.

Symptoms of someone in their video-slump may include pale skin from lack of sunlight, a beard, and a habit of telling long stories whilst acting out each scene.
That guy is in one hell of a video slump - today he made me watch a guy get smashed in the face with a guitar AND Pinocchio wiping out on a dirt-bike!
by Mollyownsmysoul March 05, 2006
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