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A victorian goth is still a goth but one who dresses in an older style. A victorian goth may be seen wearing a black corset, long black skirt, boots and maybe a shawl or umbrella. Plus jewelly of course. This type of goth is not to be mistaken for a vampire goth, they dont wear fangs but still wear a paler shade of foundation (and no Im not saying that they're not dark skinned). Male victorian goths wear black trousers, maybe waist coat or jacket. Plus top hat (maybe).

A victorian goth can be labeled from their clothing BUT they do have their own mannerisms.
Victorian Goth: Black ruffled skirt, black bustier, grey silk shirt.

Cyber Goth: Torn PVC dress, neon wig.
by Diet Goth June 27, 2006