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Nowadays, used by n00b's in online games, when they manage to get a Victory, their "wr1t1ng sk1llz" aren't enough to spell V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, so they spell it VICOTRY!!!...
*Plays FPS*
*N00b dies 15 times, but finally manage to kill somebody that had low health*

N00b: VICOTRY!!!!111one! LoLz! Dj00 suck n00b ! I'm like... k1ll3d dj00 and dj00 can't do noth... *Get's shot*

L33t: Pwned...
by Gamefaker June 24, 2006
An area in northern England.
"For Vicotry we ride!"
by Nunezzz March 24, 2007
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