basically what fahmi said just about covers it, except for the fact that she's a contradictory bitch and shes also loud, noisy, thinks that her opinion is the only one that's correct, stupid, fat, ugly, idiotic, worst teacher in the world, name rhymes with contradictory.....etc
She is so ugly, she can hide in a pile of shit, and you wouldnt be able to tell the difference, unless you look for the ugliest and fattest piece of shit there though, then you would be able to find her.
by K.Lim March 16, 2005
Im telling ms vicary, and giving her the direct link fahmi, hope you get busted, I also have people that will confirm that you wrote it. Hhahaah see you in yard duty buster.
Your in trouble! Vicary is goin to bust you bad!
by -'.**Angel**'-. April 01, 2005
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